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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Program Terms: Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit
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Fact Sheet:
Class Standing: 1-Freshman, 2-Sophomore, 3-Junior, 4-Senior Language of Instruction: English
Minimum GPA: 2.50 Field of Study: Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics
Housing Options: Apartment or Flat Program Type: Direct Enrollment
Program Description:
Georgia Campus Photo

This record is for the Direct Enroll option for the Georgia program and may not be available in the future.
Please see an advisor for updates, or visit the SDSU Semester in Georgia program (now available Fall, Spring, and Academic Year) for current options. 

Location Summary:
Tbilisi is the capital and largest city in Georgia; located in the southern Caucasus region at the border of Europe and Asia located between the Caspian and Black Sea. Tbilisi is home to SDSU partner institutions, Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University which are both situated east of the city center and Mtkvari River.  Georgia's unique geography and rich cultural and political history contribute to a rewarding study abroad experience.

Program Overview:
This is a unique study abroad program open to SDSU from all major. Please review the specific classes available to determine if they will meet your academic needs and interests. Students will enroll in SDSU classes taught in English on the campus of Tbilisi State University.

The SDSU Georgia Direct Enroll option was designed to complement the fall term Semester in Georgia Program, which operates under an exchange program model. This direct enroll option differs in that applicants will apply both via SDSU and also directly with SDSU Georgia staff to become a fee-paying visitor on their campus. The International Student Center will help to coordinate this process. This option allows student the opportunity to apply for a spring semester abroad in Georgia, which is not currently available under the exchange program model.  Due to the affordability of this location and the focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), this is a great opportunity for student who need to take classes as per the list of offerings listed below (see Academics). This program may be best suited for Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics majors. Review of the major classes, as well as the General Education (GE) offerings can help to determine if this may be a good match. This year they are also offering four Linguistics classes as part of their growing list of options each year. 

Financial Information: 
The Georgia Direct-Enroll Program option allows students to pay fees directly to the SDSU Georgia campus. Since these fees are not paid to the State of California, this may impact access to some types of financial aid. If you receive financial aid, it is very important that you review the following Georgia Direct-Enroll Program Financial Aid Info Sheet

For the Spring term program here are no guaranteed financial stipends; however, you can apply for scholarships and consider other ways to find financial support for the direct-enroll option. Certain types of financial aid may also be available to pay fees for study in Georgia. As a bonus, the cost of living for housing and food is quite affordable, well below the typical costs in San Diego.

All applicants who receive financial aid should be sure to review their SDSU AidLink account to view their award details for the appropriate term and understand the types of aid they were awarded. Talk first to a study abroad advisor in the SDSU Study Abroad office, located in the International Students Center, and then you can follow up by connecting with a Financial Aid Counselor in the Financial Aid office once you have confirmed your plans to apply.  

Scholarship Available
Students accepted to the program will receive a $500 scholarship from the Office of International Programs. Funds will be disbursed through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in June 2018. Participation in the program abroad is required. Students that withdraw prior to travel may be required to return the award. 


Though this program is open to students of all levels, participation is based on whether you can continue with your degree progress while abroad. As such, potential applicants should be sure to carefully review the following SDSU courses that are scheduled to be available in English this Spring 2018 and is current as of August 21, 2017.

First year student applicants must be able to maintain good academic standing (2.0 or higher) for their first term. If not, their acceptance in the program may be rescinded. First year students may be asked to submit an academic progress report in early December.

SDSU-Georgia Courses, Spring 2018: 

The classes taken at SDSU Georgia match the SDSU San Diego campus curriculum. As such, the course titles, and course numbers are the same. Please see your academic advisor if you are not sure which classes to take while abroad. Note that they will have limited GE options, only what is listed below, and certain classes may conflict on the schedule. Once you complete your Aztecs Abroad application and complete any required SDSU Georgia documents, you will be able to confirm your preferred selection of courses by sharing your study plan with SDSU Georgia staff to verify availability and confirm that your projected study plan is available. 

Chemistry Classes:
Chemistry 200, General Chemistry (5)
Chemistry 251, Analytical Chemistry (5)
Chemistry 410A, Physical Chemistry (4)
Chemistry 432, Organic Chemistry (3)
Chemistry 432L, Organic Chemistry Laboratory (1)

Computer Science Classes:
Computer Science 107, Introduction to Computer Programming (3)
Computer Science 237, Machine Organization and Assembly Language (3)

Engineering Classes:
Aerospace Engineering 280, Methods of Analysis (3)
Civil Engineering 121, Computer Graphics for the Built Environment (3)
Computer Engineering 260, Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming  (3)
Computer Engineering 271, Computer Organization (3)
Computer Engineering 470, Digital Circuits (3)
Construction Engineering 101, Construction and Culture (3) [GE]
Electrical Engineering 210, Circuit Analysis (3)
Electrical Engineering 380, Electrical Energy Conversion (3)
Electrical Engineering 430, Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits (3)

General Education (GE) Classes:
Communication 103, Oral Communication (3){GE}
Construction Engineering 101, Construction and Culture (3) [GE]
Linguistics 100, English Composition for International Students (3) [GE}
Linguistics 200, Advanced English for International Students (3) [GE]
Mathematics 141, Precalculus (3)[GE]
Mathematics 150, Calculus I (4) [GE]
Mathematics 151, Calculus II (4) [GE]
Mathematics 252, Calculus III (4)[GE]
Mathematics 254, Introduction to Linear Algebra (3)[GE]
Women’s Studies 101, Women: Self, Identity, and Society (3)[GE]
Women’s Studies 375, Sex, Power,  and Politics (3) [GE]

Linguistics Classes:
Linguistics 94, Developmental Writing for International or Bilingual Students (3)
Linguistics 100, English Composition for International Students (3) [GE}
Linguistics 200, Advanced English for International Students (3) [GE]
Linguistics 305W, Advanced Composition for International Students (3)

Mathematics Classes:
Mathematics 141, Precalculus (3)[GE]
Mathematics 150, Calculus I (4) [GE]
Mathematics 151, Calculus II (4) [GE]
Mathematics 252, Calculus III (4)[GE]
Mathematics 254, Introduction to Linear Algebra (3)[GE]

Physics Classes:
Physics 195, Principles of Physics (3)
Physics 195L, Principles of Physics Laboratory (1)
Physics 196, Principles of Physics (3)
Physics 196L, Principles of Physics Laboratory (1)

Women's Studies Classes:
Women’s Studies 101, Women: Self, Identity, and Society (3)[GE]
Women’s Studies 375, Sex, Power,  and Politics (3) [GE]

Normally participants will live in shared apartments very close to the campus. The cost for one semester of accommodations is estimated to be ~$900 to $1000/ semester (+ utilities). 

Sample prices for shared apartments (subject to change).
Example of potential housing options:
3 BR Apartment: 2 singles, 1 Double
1 BR Apartment: 1 Double
Rent for the single: $960/semester (single room access will be limited)
Rent for double: $870/semester
Rent for the entire semester will be due in full upon arrival.
Payment must be in CASH and in US dollars.
Utilities are not included in the rent but they are easy to pay in street kiosks that operate in English.  Students in each apartment can decide how they want to divide the utility costs. We recommend that you divide utilities by the number of people since it is based on individual usage, not single or double room status.

Foreign Travel Insurance Program:
All participants will be automatically enrolled in the CSU Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) plan which connect students to a travel assistance program with a phone and email contact to reach out for health, safety, or emergency issues during your program dates. Standard fees and more details  are listed as per the SDSU Risk Management website and based on the total number of days from the program start date to end date. A typical semester is about 4.5 to 5 months abroad.  

Get Connected:
Meet other students who have applied to SDSU Georgia Programs. Join the SDSU Semester in Georgia Facebook group, which is only open to current applicants, past participants, or student from the SDSU Georgia campus. Requests to join must be reviewed and approved since this is a closed group. This is a student-centered space meant to be, primarily, a space for students to connect to one another. The staff moderator may occasionally post reminders or highlight special events, but most correspondence will be via email. 

Learn More: 
Explore more about Georgia via articles and shared photos. Here is an example of an article posted by The Atlantic with some amazing aerial photos. Take a look at this the Welcome to Tbilisi, Georgia Guide or look at the Student Guide - ISU.

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.