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Announcements : Enroll in an SDSU international engagement course for Fall 2020!

Announcement: Enroll in an SDSU international engagement course for Fall 2020!

Indigenous Language Study / Latin American Studies / Asian Studies & Philosophy

SDSU Alternative International Engagement Experiences FALL 2020

The following internationally-focused SDSU courses include diverse, international perspectives, as well as opportunities for cross-cultural engagement through virtual international guest speakers, including activists, scholars or SDSU international student panels. 

Indigenous Language Study
  • Elementary Mixtec (LATAM 110)
  • Indigenous Elementary Nahuatl (LATAM 296) 
These courses provide opportunities for students to virtually engage with various indigenous communities in Mexico and learn about key topics relevant to indigenous life. Since indigenous languages are not situated within European language sets, students will literally learn new ways of understanding time, gender, relationships to the environment, histories, the body, and health and healing. (Fall 2020; fulfills foreign language requirement if all three levels are completed) 

Latin American Studies
  • Indigenous Health, Education and Political Organization: From Pre-Contact to the Present in Mexico and Central America (LATAM 580)
Gain knowledge of the history of the indigenous peoples of ancient Mexico and Central America through ethnohistorical sources and pre-Columbian texts to comprehend medicinal concepts, the educational systems, and the political institutions of the Mesoamerican region. Students will learn about the contemporary use of indigenous healing practices, and how they are incorporated into regional health strategies. Students will virtually meet the members of an indigenous “mayordomía", a hierarchical system of civil-religious positions and learn from them about contemporary political and social practices. (Fall 2020, upper division standing) 

Asian Studies & Philosophy 
  • Asian Leadership Philosophies & Social Change (PHIL 565/MALAS 600A) 
This course will delve the ancient and contemporary resources of Asia that allow us to rethink deep-seated cultural assumptions, while offering ways to restructure our lives by promoting cooperation and compassion rather than conflict and contempt. Students will hear diverse perspectives on Asian Leadership through virtual panel sessions with SDSU International Students. (Fall 2020, upper division standing)