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Chances of Placement

Many programs do not have sufficient spaces for all students who apply and meet basic requirements and any program-specific prerequisites. Therefore, your chances of placement (or acceptance) will vary based on the number of spaces available any given term as well as the number of students who decide to apply.

Chances of placement are subject to change from one semester cycle to the next, so we encourage students to remain flexible throughout the application process. The chance of placement rating applied to any program is only meant for reference; no applicant is guaranteed admission.
  • SDSU Exchange, IB Exchange, ISEP Exchange and CSU International Programs have the widest variation in chances of placement, so we recommend looking closely and considering the chances as you select your first choice and alternate sites.
  • SDSU Faculty-led programs, ISEP Direct and approved Independent Programs are generally much higher chances of placement and normally students are placed at their first choice.
Chances of Placement Description
Excellent These programs usually have more placements available than the number of applicants requesting it. This site may also have placements available for applicants who list it as an alternative choice or those who apply after the priority deadline.
Very Good /  Good Between Excellent and Fair, these programs usually can accommodate the majority of applicants requesting it.
Fair These programs can usually accommodate about half of the number of applicants requesting it.
Limited / Very Limited These programs usually cannot accommodate all the applicants requesting it. Usually all space is filled by the priority deadline. Many applicants may be placed at one of their alternative choices or asked to consider other options. 
Most Competitive Institutions marked most competitive are our sites with the highest demand compared to the number of openings available. For this reason, students may apply to only one site marked most competitive, and it must be listed as the first choice on their application. Students who do not want a most competitive site as their first choice should not list it anywhere on their host site request list.
Closed This site cannot accept any applicants this round. Please do not apply.
To increase your chance of acceptance or placement at one of your requested sites, be sure to include at least one program or institution with a “good” (or better) chance of placement.

Our Promise
Our goal is to place you at one of your requested sites, and if not then we will work hard to identify an appropriate alternate site. For this reason, it is essential that you review your preferred site’s academic and language proficiency requirements. If you do not meet a site’s requirements or prerequisites, then your chances of being selected and placed there will be limited.