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Travel Registry

Travel Registration is required for San Diego State University (SDSU) undergraduate and graduate students traveling internationally, unless they have already applied to participate in an approved SDSU international program in this database (e.g. SDSU exchange programs, SDSU partner programs, SDSU faculty-led study abroad programs).

Types of SDSU International Activities:

1. Approved SDSU international programs (e.g. SDSU exchange programs, SDSU partner programs, SDSU faculty-led study abroad programs):
  • Application via the SDSU Aztecs Abroad database; students should click apply now on a selected program
  • Required: SDSU insurance only (exceptions: CSUIP, ISEP Exchange & ISEP Direct) 

2. Independent International Internships:
  • Engaging in an international internship arranged directly with a company/organization abroad by an SDSU department, specifically for an individual SDSU student’s academic requirement 
  • Required: SDSU insurance and Travel Registration

3. International Travel through SDSU Student Clubs and Organizations:
  • Participating in any international travel for activities sanctioned by a registered SDSU student organization
  • Required: SDSU insurance and Travel Registration

4. Other SDSU International Travel (Research, Conferences, Grant-funded Travel):
  • A non-credit experience related to an academic program or international experience requirement that is organized and or led by an SDSU professor or department. 
  • Traveling abroad related to an SDSU class/project/grant/scholarship not already listed in Aztecs Abroad (see type 1 above)
  • Examples include group trips for research, fieldwork, conference attendance, and theatrical performances. Travel is sometimes led by a faculty member, but not in all cases.
  • Note that this registration is still required for student travelers using the T2 process
  • Required: SDSU insurance and Travel Registration

5. Non-SDSU International Travel:
  • Participating in a credit-bearing study abroad program that is not approved by SDSU (i.e. not listed in the SDSU Aztecs Abroad database)
  • Participating in an independent international volunteer project, internship, or other non-credit travel experience that is not approved by SDSU (i.e. not listed in the Global Education office database)
  • Student is not receiving any funding from SDSU or an SDSU academic department
  • SDSU faculty and/or staff are not traveling with student(s)
  • Required: Travel Registration only (SDSU insurance recommended, but not required)

Health & Safety: Travel Registration allows SDSU to monitor and communicate with affected students in the case of a health and safety emergency.

Insurance: All Travel Registration applicants except those on non-SDSU travel are required to enroll in the SDSU Foreign Travel Insurance.  Instructions to enroll in this plan are included within the travel registration process.

Deadlines / Timeline: Travel Registration should be completed as soon as your participation is confirmed.  If your travel dates change, it is your responsibility to edit your dates of travel in Aztecs Abroad and on your SDSU Foreign Travel Insurance.  If you decide not to travel, you must contact immediately to withdraw this registration. It is your responsibility to cancel your SDSU Foreign Travel Insurance.

Contact: If you are unsure whether your situation requires Travel Registration, please contact Chris Kjonaas in the Global Education Office at or call (619) 594-2475.