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Getting Started

1) For US citizens, apply for (or renew) a US passport for international travel
See SDSU Passport Office for instructions and application process

2) Click Apply Now for specific program or click Start Advising 
Note to newly admited Freshmen and Transfer Students: You can only initiate the online advising steps or a program-specific application at the beginning of your first semester attending SDSU, but you can still search for available programs and consider opportunities.

Program Search and Apply


Start Advising

When you click APPLY NOW on a program brochure you will automatically be directed to either the regular application or the online advising steps with instructions on meeting with a Global Education Advisor, depending on the program selected. Your initial program selection can be changed later by an advisor if needed, so do not worry about clicking apply. There are also no automatic required fees when first creating an application in the Aztecs Abroad database.   When you click START ADVISING you will be directed to our online advising steps that provide basic information, researching and adding programs of interest and ultimately instructions on how to meet with a global education advisor.
SDSU Universal Deadlines for all approved global education programs
September 15 Spring/Calendar Year programs
October 15 Winter Break programs
February 15 Fall/Academic Year programs
March 15 Summer programs
3) Meet with a Global Education Advisor or Global Guide
Note: meeting with a Global Education Advisor is required for all programs except SDSU Faculty-Led programs including Global Seminars
See Contact Us page
4) Consider Financial Aid and Scholarships
Consult the Financing and Scholarships menu options for information on how to fund your study abroad experience. Apply for scholarships early! Be sure to finanically plan and budget for your time abroad.
5) Stay Connected!
Check out our events calendar to see upcoming workshops and events!

Explore Be International to read about the experiences of SDSU student bloggers on their international journeys! Read about their adventures and get ideas and advice to inform your own international experience. Explore students blog posts by location, major or topic.

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