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Virtual International Programs

Virtual programs bring the world to you! Spend a semester, summer or winter term virtually exploring the world via exciting global academic experiences or virtual international internships. 

**Spring and Summer 2021 program options are available**

Watch the recording of our Virtual International Programs 101 information session!

**If you are considering a virtual experience, start by completing the online Advising phase.**
  • No Flight or Travel Required No passport yet? No problem. Participation in a virtual program experience allows you to explore the world and seek cultural engagement without the costs and logistics of international travel. (You can still be prepared for travel later by applying for a US passport via the SDSU Passport Office.)
  • Affordability - Save a lot of money! A virtual experience allows program organizers the opportunity to focus on building innovative and engaging global academic content for the virtual participant without addressing travel or room & board needs, so overall costs are lower and the experience more accessible. 
  • Health & Safety - Virtual experiences offer opportunities to stay healthy and safe at home while engaging globally. 
  • Choice and Flexibility - Mix and match courses, and if desired simultaneously enroll at multiple foreign institutions, or combine study with a remote internship or service-learning experience


SDSU and IB Exchanges
  • Pay SDSU tuition and fees
  • Virtually enroll in regular courses at partner institution

CSU Florence Center Virtual International Program
  • Explore Italy from your living room, or wherever you are!
  • Take courses taught in English; pay CSU tuition and fees and use your normal financial aid
  • Italian language classes available, beginning to advanced level
  • Courses available in humanities and social sciences
  • Fall or Spring semesters
API Abroad
  • The API Global Select program allows you to take anywhere from 1 to 6 online courses from up to 3 universities around the world for academic credit
  • The API Community Engagement Lab is an opportunity to participate in a 10-week team-based learning experience involves teams of 4-6 participants working together to explore ways to create actionable change and make a lasting impact in communities at home and abroad
  • The API innovation Lab offers you the opportunity to work with a team of 4-6 peers to build essential skills of cross-cultural teamwork and collaboration, concept design, and to develop innovative business solutions to global challenges. The lab is designed to leverage the UN Global Goals as a blueprint for understanding global problems
  • Participate in dynamic and immersive virtual learning and rich cultural experiences led by our Resident Directors abroad, including guided tours, cooking classes, networking opportunities and community building across borders
  • Follow a guided pathway of activities to achieve global skills and the opportunity to earn a digital badge stack that demonstrates cultural knowledge and the skills employers value to display on LinkedIn, e-portfolios, or other online platforms
ISEP study abroad
  • Choose between short winter-term options, take one course next semester or dive into a full semester of courses
  • Opportunities for immersive language learning, but there are also a wide-range of courses available in subjects for all majors.

**See our general International Internships page for more information.**

ISEP Virtual Internships
  • The Intern Group: 4 - 8 weeks; 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours/wk; flexible opportunities with a global network 3000+ strong, career Competency training, and a Keynote Speaker Series that allows participants to engage in live Q&A with diverse industry professionals.
  • GE Virtuoso: 8 weeks; 25 - 40 hours/week; work with an international company and access career coaching and professional development from anywhere in the world.

API Virtual Internships

‚ÄčCIS Abroad Virtual Internships - Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual internship Abroad (see blog)

International Studies Abroad (ISA) Global Remote Internships
**See our general Volunteer Programs page for more information.**

ISEP Virtual Service Learning Program in Barcelona
  • Enhance your resume while contributing to one of 10 leading service organizations based in Barcelona from wherever you are.
  1. Explore the virtual options and links above carefully.
  2. Visit the Aztecs Abroad home page and click on the link to start and complete the Aztecs Abroad online advising phase to prepare to meet with a Global Education Advisor.
  3. Email our team at and we can help you to arrange an appointment.