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Petitions for non-approved programs

Non-SDSU programs have not been evaluated or approved for academic or programmatic quality. This does not necessarily mean that such programs are of low quality. If a program is not found in the Aztecs Abroad database, then it is considered a non-approved (or non-SDSU) program.

Students must submit a petition in order to participate in such a program. The petition process is taken very seriously and reviewed by numerous SDSU staff including the Global Education office, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, and Enrollment Services. Students must be patient if they submit a petition to await a response from the Global Education office.

Application steps

Students should complete the following steps if they wish to pursue a non-approved program:
  1. Complete the “Petition for Independent Study Program” or "Petition for Independent Internship" application in the Aztecs Abroad database.
  2. Wait to hear back from the SDSU Global Education office concerning the evaluation of your petition. The evaluation time may take up to 6 weeks.
  3. If your petition is approved, then you must complete the remaining steps in Aztecs Abroad.